26 Facts on My 26th Birthday


My 2nd Birthday

Hey Everyone! Today’s my Birthday, and in honor of the special occasion I thought I would share 26 facts about me with you. I’m so thankful for another wonderful year full of blessings and amazing memories, and I can’t wait to see what #26 has in store for me.

26 Facts on My 26th Birthday

1. Becoming a mother (twice!) has been the most incredible gift I could ever ask for.

2. I met my husband when I was 16 at my first job (Pizza Hut). He was a cook and I waitressed (I know, I know super romantic!)

3. Although I tend to be quiet/cautious when I first meet someone, I am down-to-earth and will talk to anyone.

4. I believe politeness is key in life. Not saying please, thank-you, and you’re welcome is just plain rude.

5. I am a highly analytical person, translating to: I tend to overthink things, a lot.

6. I’ve lived in Virginia for most of my life, but I was born in North Carolina (Army Brat).

7. I completed all of my degrees at an accelerated rate. Associate of Arts & Science (Journalism)- 1 year; Bachelor of Arts (Communication Arts)- 14 months; Master of Arts (Managerial Communications)- 18 months

8. I love all things butterflies and my obsession has carried with me over the years. Butterfly jewelry, décor, and accessories? Yes, please.

9. I don’t really have a favorite color, but if I had to pick a top three it would be pink, black, and red.

10. I can’t drive a stick shift. My husband tried to teach me when I was 17 in the parking lot where we both worked and within 2 minutes told me to get out of the truck.

11. I loathe roller coasters, so I’m not really that fun at amusement parks.

12. I dislike rainy days, but love rainy nights. There’s something so calming about sleeping while it’s raining.

13. I’m a lover of all music genres. Pop, Rock, Country, Blues, Alternative, R&B, Rap, Classical, and Bluegrass (hey, it’s in my roots), I love it all.

14. Speaking of music, I listen to it excessively loud and regularly jam out in my car. I’ll probably live to regret it when I get older and my hearing is shot, but oh well.

15. I lived in Japan for a short while when my husband was stationed there in the Navy. It was awesome and the food and shopping was my favorite part.

16. I didn’t really start wearing makeup until I was around 15. Even then it was only the basics: foundation, mascara, and lip-gloss.

17. My favorite TV shows include Lost, One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, Dexter, and Breaking Bad

18. I love the Harry Potter series and have re-watched it at least 5 or 6 times. My greatest victory was getting my husband who “would never watch those movies” to not only watch it but ask me to re-watch it with him a year later. πŸ™‚

19. Caramel anything is my favorite.

20. I HAVE to have 8-9 hours of sleep a night, or I’m very irritable/cranky.

21. I would eat a doughnut for breakfast everyday if I knew I wouldn’t gain 50 lbs.

22. Other than an occasional apple cider, I don’t drink and have never been drunk. (I have control issues, okay?-haha)

23. I wish I had a reason to wear a dress every day.

24. Ski lifts seriously freak me out! The last time I was on one, I had to close my eyes the entire time and semi-almost had a panic attack.

25. My favorite flowers are white & pink daisies

26. People often mistake my sarcasm/sense of humor for something else…

A trip down memory lane…

I was always the toddler getting into things, like the bathtub with my clothes on…


Climbing on the table after breakfast and eating the leftover biscuits and gravy when no one was looking…


Thinking it was funny to climb out of the chair the wrong way and then getting stuck…


But did I mention I looked really cute in pig tails?

So that’s me in a nutshell and that was a glimpse into my super fun toddler years. Hope you enjoyed learning more about me and maybe you can relate to some of it!

This will be my last post on the blog this week so that I can enjoy some time off with my family, and I would encourage all of you to take some time off to enjoy yours as well.

It's My Birthday

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Wishing Everyone a Very Merry Christmas, and Thanks So Much for Stopping By! – Cara

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  1. Happy Birthday!

    I love Dexter and Breaking Bad. Brilliant writing.

    Also, I can’t drive a stick shift and do NOT ride roller coasters.

  2. Awh! Love posts like this. It’s so important to get to know the person behind the blog! Enjoy your birthday!

  3. Aww you’re a Christmas baby! Happy Birthday and love all the facts and trip down memory lane. Enjoy your time off with family!

  4. Happy happy birthday!! Where in Virginia are you? I’m on Virginia beach! I love Dexter and Breaking Bad!! Such good shows. Have you seen Sons of Anarchy? Another great one!

    1. Thank-you! Far Southwest Virginia (Lebanon) about an hour away from the Tennessee border. I haven’t but I’ve heard good things about it. I may need to give it a try next!

  5. Happy birthday!!! We have the same taste in TV shows – love all the ones you have listed! And yes to 8-9 hours of sleep and donuts every day! Haha. Enjoy your week and have a Merry Christmas as well!

  6. My favorite color is pink as well. I am a rainy night lover too and I hate rainy days. There’s just something about falling asleep to the rain. I didn’t wear any make-up until I was thirteen and that was only powder, blush, and mascara. You can have a reason to wear a dress everyday. You should join me in doing Dressember next year! I am thinking about having a team and a link up for next December. You really should consider it!

    I loved this post! So neat! And you were so cute!


    1. Awesome that we share so much in common! And that would be amazing to join in with you on Dressember! & Thank-you!

  7. I am not a fan of being drunk either. I have a drink or two…sometimes three…and then stop. I dont like losing control!! And I am not a roller coaster fan either. I love butterflies too, I have a tattoo of one on my upper right shoulder blade πŸ™‚

    I hope you have a wonderful day!!!!! Happy Birthday!

  8. Happy birthday! Love all the pics! And learning so many details about you! I was the same way with driving stick- I was ordered out of the car so that I wouldn’t break it lol!

  9. Happy Birthday! So jealous you got to live in Japan! I’ll get there one day! I also am not a fan of amusement parks.

  10. Happy Birthday!! What a fun list. I am so with you on ski lifts — I panic just looking at them.

    I also agree about politeness — so important!

    1. Thank-you! Oh my gosh I know, what was worse was I was on one with my 5 year old and I was trying to play it all cool and not be scared for his sake, but I was scared to death, haha.

  11. Happy Birthday!! I have the same love for the Harry Potter series and you’ll have to tell me how you convinced your husband to watch the movies with you. So far I’ve had no luck.. but he does occasionally name the characters πŸ˜›

  12. happy, happy birthday to you!! what a perfect post for me to stumble on! i got to learn about you–awesome! i don’t do roller coasters either. i don’t like that feeling in my tummy or falling out or…omg. i can;t go on, lol.

  13. Oh Birthday girl, you are so so precious!!! So how many of these are my things too, I do not like roller coasters, I can’t drive a stick, pink, black and red are my favorite colors, I LOVE caramel anything and thus mama needs her 8-9 hrs too!!! I realize I am old enough to be you mom so I would totally adopt you!!!! πŸ˜‰ I hope your birthday is filled to the brim with love and joy! Most beautiful 26 yr old I’ve ever seen….inside and out!!!!

    1. Haha it was hilarious looking back on my husband trying to “teach” me. A. he didn’t have the patience and B. I probably didn’t have the ability

  14. Fun fun! Glad I got to know you a bit more. We have similar things in common. I live in NC for one and my other favorite, not a fan of amusement parks either. I get ill on roller coasters so I stay far away. Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing on Tuesday Talk today. Enjoy your time off, as I am planning on doing too.

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