Best Budget-Friendly Eyeshadow Brushes

best budget-friendly eyeshadow brushes

Today I’m sharing with you the Best Budget-Friendly Eyeshadow Brushes,which is Part 2 of my makeup brush series. In case you missed it, I covered the Best Budget-Friendly Face Brushes last week.

When it comes to eyeshadow brushes, I often get asked the question “Which ones do I really need?” Well the answer to that really depends on what type of makeup looks you regularly create.

If you are more of a sweep on one color all over the eyes gal, then you won’t necessarily need the same tools as someone who blends 5 colors on the lid.

Of course you can also be someone who does a little bit of both and that’s why this list is so great, because these brushes are amazing quality, yet in purchasing them they won’t break the bank.

angled eyeliner brush

Angled Eyeliner Brush- $2.99 (Avon)

Personally, I think everyone should have an angled eyeliner brush in their collection. Simply put, it can be tricky to apply liquid eyeliners and gel eyeliner to the eyes, and it takes practice.

But if you’ve ever used an angled eyeliner brush in applying your eyeliner, then you’ll know how incredibly easy and precise it is in applying everyday liner looks or more dramatic winged and cat eye looks.

I highly recommend that anyone who loves to wear eyeliner purchase an angled eyeliner brush, as the application is so much easier and less time consuming. This specific one by Avon is great, and the stiff brush provides very precise results.

I use my angled eyeliner brush with black or brown eyeshadow, and it is so easy and fail-proof in applying eyeliner. You simply dip the brush in the product and starting at the inside corner of your eye, carefully drag the brush along the upper or lower lash line.

elf eyeshadow c brush

e.l.f. Eyeshadow “C” Brush- $3 (e.l.f.)

I love this brush so much that I re-order a new one almost every time I place an order with e.l.f. (which if I’m being honest is a lot). It’s just a great, highly versatile eyeshadow brush to have in your collection.

The brush is perfect for an easy sweep of product all-over the lid, can be used for blending out product in the crease, and can even be used in applying further definition on the outer corner of the lid.

wet n wild eyeshadow brush

Wet n’ Wild Eyeshadow Brush $0.99 (Wet n’ Wild)

I picked this brush up on the whim one day when Walgreens was having a 50% off sale on all Wet n’ Wild products (making it only 49 cents!) I must say that was the best decision I made, as this eyeshadow brush is awesome!

The short bristles on this brush are so soft and it is great in applying pigmented shadows to the eyelid. This brush is highly versatile in that it can be used in creating heavier smokey eye looks, or can be used for blending in the crease.

You can find this brush at any drugstore and I’m pretty sure both Wal-mart and Target sell this as well.

elf contour brush

e.l.f. Contour Brush- $3 (e.l.f.)

Unlike the “C” Brush mentioned above which is more for blending, the contour brush has dome shaped bristles which is amazing in picking up a lot of color for bold and smokey eyeshadow looks.

I’m a huge fan of this brush due to the fact that it can create such defined looks and is able to really apply concentrated colors wherever you want on the lid.

For all you ladies out there who like to create dramatic eyeshadow looks (like myself), this brush is a definite must-have.

avon rounded brush

Avon Rounded Shadow Brush- $4.99 (Avon)

I received this brush a few years back as a gift, and it has been one of my absolute favorite brushes in creating smokey eyeshadow looks.

If you like creating definition on the outer corner of your eyes, this brush is perfect. I also really like the way the handle on this brush is shaped, as it is very easy to hold onto.

Unfortunately, when I checked the website they no longer sell this product, but I found a similar one that e.l.f. sells here.

A rounded shadow brush is a great tool to have in your collection, and it really helps you control where the product is applied on the lid.

So there you have it- The Best Budget-Friendly Eyeshadow Brushes that will help you create countless, gorgeous makeup looks. I hope you enjoyed today’s post and be sure and let me know in the comments if you have found other amazing eyeshadow brushes out there!

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Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great Wednesday!- Cara

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  1. EcoTools are my favorite brushes, affordable and good quality. I also like that they use eco-friendly materials. Ulta seems to have them on sale all the time too.

  2. These are all great brushes, lady! The black ELF brushes do really well for me, I’ve lost a few of the white/pink ones because of glue. :(!

    1. Good point! I agree the black ones seem to be a little bit better quality than the white ones that are just $1. At least that’s what I’ve noticed.

  3. What fun options! I recently ordered some budget friendly brush options on Amazon and have been happy with those as well. I’ll have to look into these πŸ™‚

  4. Cara, this is so helpful! I’m pretty sure that Avon rounded brush is my go-to brush nearly every day! I’m glad you posted the Elf brush – I’ve wondered about them when I see them in the store! Thanks for this! Btw, I looove your blog!

    1. Aw, thank-you! I realize hardly anyone uses Avon anymore, but that brush is seriously one of my favorites! Glad you enjoy yours as well! πŸ™‚

  5. Kara, this post was very helpful … especially since I don’t even have a clue on where to begin when it comes to doing my eye makeup and electing brushes. I definitely have to go through my current brush set and make sure I have your recommendations. Great post!

    XO Jillian
    Cup of Charisma

  6. SUCH an awesome guide for brushes. I need to check out the Elf brand ones because they are definitely a good deal! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  7. Budget friendly brushes are where it’s AT! I’m on the hunt for more, so thank you so much for this list. I’ve heard good things about some Elf ones, so this solidifies my thoughts.

    Coming Up Roses

  8. Elf definitely has my heart when it comes to eyeshadow brushes. I can’t tell much of a difference when it comes to the brushes-its the makeup that I can tell! Love these picks!

  9. I dont have any of these eye shadow brushes. Truth be told, the ones I have are really old. Like maybe around 8 years old! They are two bare minerals ones and a Sonia Kashuk. I love them! If I need to replace any of them I am going to look back at this post!

    1. Thank-you! An angled brush is great for both beginners and pros in that you have so much more control in applying eyeliner.

  10. I have a blending brush from elf and I LOVE it! I have been meaning to grab more of their brushes!

  11. I forgot about good old Avon! Looks like they have some great brushes too! I hope your day is as wonderful as you are

    1. I feel like no one hardly uses Avon anymore, but they still have some great inexpensive products. Thank-you, hope your day is going great as well!

  12. I have a couple of E.L.F. brushes and I love them! I found a couple for $1 at Walmart and it was totally worth getting them so that I could learn which ones I like.

  13. I love elf products and think I have to pick up that C brush! I’ve been on the hunt for a good crease brush and it’s so cheap I might as well check it out!

  14. I have the c brush from e.l.f. and that wet n’ wild brush and I absolutely love both! That Avon brush sounds really interesting. Amazon and Ebay also tend to do great deals on brush sets that are just as good as any other I’ve used. Great post Cara, I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday! XO -Kim

  15. I was shocked to see the brushes I use(the elf ones!) on here. I’ll have to grab the other two next time I’m at the store

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