Halloween Tradition

Every Halloween, my family has a tradition of making a Halloween-themed treat that we all agree on. I believe it’s important to get your kids involved in cooking at an early age. Even though you often might end up with a messier result, it’s good to let your kids be part of the process and teaches them responsibility. I especially enjoy baking cakes and making desserts with my boys, as they get so excited for the end result. Plus- they seem to really enjoy the taste testing.

This year, my sons wanted to make some type of a monster treat, so over to Pinterest I went to search for the perfect idea. I found a couple of really cute ideas that I think I’ll definitely be making next year.

Oreo Spiders Cake 2 Title

Oreo Spiders Cake by Bird on a Cake

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Super cute and looks like it wouldn’t be very difficult to make. The kiddos would easily be able to put the oreos on the side and could help with the eyeballs.


Melted Witch Brownies by The First Year Something Sweet

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This adorable treat is right up my alley in terms of quick and easy, with the use of a store-bought brownie mix. I also love the paper straws!

In the end, we ultimately went with a Spooky Eyeball Halloween Cake. My boys called it an Oogly Monster Cake, and really loved helping place the eyeballs in various locations. I got the original idea from here, but put my own spin on it. Instead of going with a big cake, I chose to use my mini springform pan set and then used the rest of the cake batter to make some cute pumpkin cupcakes. I was pretty pleased with the result and in terms of cake decorating, you can’t really get much more simple.

mini monster cake with eyes

Oogly Monster Cake

halloween cake and pumpkin cupcakes

Cute and Easy Pumpkin Cupcakes



Of course they had to test one for safety 🙂


Happy Halloween Everyone! What Halloween traditions do you have with your family?

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