Things You Can’t Buy, But Need in Life

Things You Can't Buy But Need In Life

As you begin to fill your shopping carts full of items this holiday season, remember that there are many things that you need in this life that cannot be purchased or bought in any store. Things that everyone should possess and should remember to focus more on having, in order to create a better life for not only themselves, but for those around them as well.


 “The ​ability to ​wait, or to ​continue doing something ​despite difficulties”- Cambridge Dictionary

I can’t think of any aspect in anyone’s life where patience is not needed. Whether you are at work or at home, whether you are a parent or a child, a boss or an employee, or a teacher or a student, patience is needed.

How many times have you found yourself quickly grow agitated over something, only to later regret your hasty actions, words, or your decisions made. Or how about those moments in your life where you want something so badly but you just can’t seem to master it on the first try? You need patience in those times as well.

Without patience, people would constantly go around giving up on everything without ever giving it a second try. Take a moment and think about how many times a baby falls down before they master walking. Or how many job interviews an adult goes through before they land their perfect job.

To master any skill or talent, it takes perseverance and a heap of patience, and it is important to remember that in order to reach your dreams you must first overcome many obstacles along the way. When you have patience with both yourself and others, you end up worrying less, stressing less, and as a result end up being a happier person with healthier relationships.

2. Courage

“The ​ability to ​control ​your ​fear in a ​dangerous or ​difficult ​situation; to be ​brave and ​confident enough to do what you ​believe in”- Cambridge Dictionary

I firmly believe that all of us have been given a purpose in this life, and in order to fulfill that purpose we must have courage. Having courage can help each of us get through difficult tasks, can help us persevere to make tough decisions, and can help us focus on building a brighter, more positive future.

I have always looked at the definition of courage in the sense that you can either live an average, pedestrian life or you can have the courage to do more. It is easy and takes no courage at all to just sit by and watch others follow their dreams, without ever pursuing any of your own. But to take risks and to grab opportunities by the rope when they are handed to you is what having courage is all about.

Don’t simply live your life sitting on the sidelines and thinking about all the times you wished you would have taken a stand. Have the courage to do more and to go after your dreams, no matter what hurdles you may have to overcome in the process.  Be strong, courageous, and create a life for yourself that makes you happy.

3. Wisdom

“The ​ability to use ​your ​knowledge and ​experience to make good ​decisions and ​judgments”- Cambridge Dictionary

Wisdom is a quality that is hard to define because there is no set standard to being wise, but having wisdom is vital in this life. Having wisdom is about using sound judgment when making decisions, yet it is more about understanding yourself as a both a human and a leader.

Wise individuals aren’t necessarily the smartest people in the room, yet they know themselves and have the ability to surround themselves with other strong people who will help them grow and improve.

When you know and understand your own unique qualities and traits, then as a leader you can successfully share your wisdom and ideas with others who will benefit from it. Being wise isn’t about being right or wrong, it is simply about understanding.

4. Empathy

“The action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of another”- Merriam Webster

Not to be confused with sympathy, empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another individual. Have you ever heard the phrase do unto others? That is what having empathy is all about. When you are able to understand how others feel, you will be more likely to treat others in the manner in which you wish to be treated. You will also have a better understanding of people’s needs, and in turn can help better motivate the people around you.

One of the key elements in being empathetic is learning to listen to others. Sometimes being that person who is able to truly hear someone out is so important in being a good spouse, parent, co-worker, and friend.

I am the type of person that constantly stays attuned to the needs and feelings of others and it seriously bothers me when I notice someone is feeling down or has had their feelings hurt by something. Being the type of person who cares about and understands the feelings of others is an amazing, yet rare quality to have and should not be taken lightly. Empathy is a quality that is sought after by all great leaders in the world.

5. Faith

“Belief and trust in and loyalty to God”-Merriam Webster

While I understand that not everyone shares the same beliefs as me, having faith is 100% essential in my life. My relationship with my savior, Jesus Christ keeps me grounded in knowing that no matter what challenges I am faced with in this life, he will help get me through it.

It is such a wonderful feeling in knowing that no matter what hour it is day or night that I can call upon my savior and friend and he will be there to listen.   Having faith and trust in my savior helps guide me in making sound decisions, helps me in all of my relationships, and helps lead me down the right paths when I’m faced with adversity.

Having faith is learning not to worry and stress about the problems and issues in this life, but rather to put my faith and trust in the Lord, and in knowing that he will see me through and will answer my prayers.

6. Love

 “Unselfish, loyal, and benevolent concern for the good of another”- Merriam Webster

Last but certainly not least, we all need to love and be loved. We live in such a cruel society nowadays that showing love and compassion to one another is so crucial. Love can be shown in the way you treat others, the kind words you say to someone, or the way you go out of your way to show someone how much you care.

As both a wife and mother I try my absolute hardest to fill our household with love and compassion, and to teach my sons the importance of loving one another and having respect for each other. At the end of the day right before bed, I always make it a point to kiss my boys and husband and tell them how much I love them and how much they mean to me. And the absolute best feeling in the world is knowing that in return they love me just as much as I love them.

We all need love and it is so important to spread love and happiness in the world. After all, love is the greatest gift you can ever give to someone.

“And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.”-1 Corinthians 13:13 KJV


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  1. Such a great post. I have great patience in some things and little patience in others, I need to work on it. Love is so important in everything you do.

  2. LOVED this post! Patience is something I definitely remind myself to work on every day! Thanks for sharing this positive post, love to read things like this! XO -Kim

  3. Gorgeous post! I love this so much! Definitely going to save it for when I’m having a rough time & need some reminders for whats really important in life πŸ™‚

  4. I absolutely love this list! I am not out shopping today so I love that you did a different post rather than all the sales. I think empathy is a huge one that alot of people just forget! Great post!
    Linds @ Not A Mom

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