25 Favorite Products and Things I Loved in 2021

Hey everyone and Happy Friday!

Normally I always start the year off with sharing a roundup of the best makeup and beauty products of the previous year, but today I wanted to switch things up a bit and instead share a list of completely random products and things that brought me joy in 2021.

As I talked about in my 2021 Reflections, I think we all can agree by now that 2021 was crazy.

That’s why finding things that brought my day more happiness, joy, or a much-needed distraction from the wild world we live in was a total MUST.

I hope you enjoy this list of my 25 personal favorites and I hope you discover something new that you can find joy in this year to come!

Check out my 25 Favorite Products and Things I Loved in 2021 with my favorite home, beauty, fashion, health, and lifestyle products this year!

25 Favorite Products and Things I Loved in 2021


  • Cozy Leopard Blanket – This blanket is supposedly a dupe for the Barefoot Dreams one, and although I haven’t tried it I can 110% tell you this is the softest, coziest blanket I’ve ever owned and I LOVE it. I’m seriously always wrapped up under it at home, and I of course love the leopard print. Oh and it’s under $30!
  • Coffee Grinder – I used to think grinding your own coffee beans was something extravagant, but I finally bought this inexpensive grinder earlier this year, and let me tell you it was LIFE-CHANGING in how much better my coffee tasted vs pre-ground. Not only that but it fills your kitchen with an amazing aroma every morning and seriously takes just a couple extra seconds. It also works for spices too!
  • Milk Frother – This is another product I never knew I needed but now can’t live without. If you want to create affordable, coffee-shop style drinks at home, then do yourself a favor and buy it. We also love using it for hot cocoa!
  • High Pressure Rain Shower Head & Sprayer – After the existing shower heads in our new house were old and crappy, my husband installed these amazing shower heads, and I’m forever grateful. Words honestly can’t describe how amazing it is so just buy it and I promise you won’t regret it.
  • Fire Pit & S’mores Roasting Kit – This was also a new home purchase when we moved and it brought our family so much joy! The fire pit was super easy to put together and we now love having s’mores roasting nights in our sunroom.


  • The Comfiest Wire-Free Bras – It occurred to me recently that I’ve never talked about these on the blog, but these are pretty much all I live in around the house. They’re super comfy and soft, and they’re under $10!
  • These Gorgeous Bracelets – For the first time ever I started loving wearing bracelets last year, and the brand Luca + Danni quickly became my favorite. I absolutely adore this Faith over Fear Bracelet and this Butterfly Bracelet and love how they look stacked with my other faves.
  • Soft Jogger Pants – These are an Amazon favorite from a couple years ago and I still wear them every single week. They’re just THE BEST joggers to wear around the house, yet you can also wear them for quick grocery runs and it doesn’t look like you’re wearing pajamas. Also – they’re under $15 bucks!
  • White Leopard Robe – I would normally NEVER spend this amount on a robe, but my husband treated me with this gift for my birthday and I’m in LOVE. It’s truly the softest, most cozy item I’ve ever owned, and you best believe I wear it daily.
  • Memory Foam House Slippers – I also LIVE in these cozy house slippers, and are definite must-haves if you’re naturally cold like me.


  • 3-in-1 Flat Iron – I’ve been searching high and low for a couple years now for a great flat-iron that works great for straightening and curling, and I’m happy to report THIS IS IT. This flat iron makes my hair look so silky every time I straighten it, and is also amazing at giving you those perfect beachy-looking waves.
  • No Yellow Shampoo & Conditioner – Another hair favorite is this purple shampoo/conditioner duo that was recommended to me by my hairstylist. It’s hands-down the best purple shampoo I’ve ever used and the conditioner smells heavenly and makes my hair so soft and silky.
  • Dashing Diva DIY Gel Nail Strips– I love having pretty nails, but to be honest I dislike the hassle (and expense) of going to a nail salon. These at-home nail strips save the day and they’re seriously so easy to apply and look gorgeous! They also have so many styles/colors to choose from that you can easily switch it up.
  • Athena Club Razor – I thought this razor was going to be an overhyped waste of purchase, but it ended up being the BEST razor I’ve ever used. You can check out the full review over here.
  • Deep Steep Lavender Bubble Bath– I’ve only talked about this 100 times on the blog, but sorry not sorry this bubble bath will forever be my favorite. The lavender is so calming and perfect for relaxing before bedtime.


  • Growwithjo Fitness Channel – After getting bored with my workouts last year, I stumbled upon Growwithjo and I’m SO happy I did! She’s seriously the most positive/encouraging person ever, and her dance and “walk the weight off” cardio workouts always put me in the BEST mood. Definitely check her out, if you’re in a workout rut!
  • Swiglife Drink Tumblers Thanks to doing Whole30, I’m super proud of the fact that I haven’t drank soda in over 2 years, and water is pretty much all I drink. One of the things that really helped me stay on track was these adorable insulated tumblers which I can fill up with cold water as soon as I wake up and refill throughout the day. My current faves are Leopard Party Animal and This Gorgeous Floral Tumbler. Get 15% off here
  • True Lemon Water Enhancers  Although I love plain water, I also love adding a little flavor which is why these enhancers are AMAZING. I add one of these lemon packets to my water just about every day and they’re great because they’re just pure lemon with nothing artificial and no sugar. I also love their True Lemonades & Limeades whenever I want to “treat” myself and they’re only 10 calories each with 1 gram of sugar.
  • Vitafusion Extra Strength Melatonin Gummies – These are total lifesavers with helping me fall asleep (and stay asleep longer). They also thankfully don’t have any groggy after effects or give me weird, trippy dreams like other melatonin products I’ve tried.
  • Sound Machine– I’m not sure how I survived sleeping without a sound machine years ago because it’s something I now have to pack in my suitcase everywhere I go. This sound machine is great because it comes with over 30 different sound choices. The fan noise is my favorite!
  • Satin Pillowcases – I never knew just how heavenly sleeping on a satin pillowcase was until I tried it, and now I will never go back to a regular pillowcase again. Also, it’s actually better for your skin and hair, so grab yourself this affordable set if you’re curious!


  • You Version Bible App – I use this app every single day for reading my bible and finding scriptures of encouragement. It’s completely FREE and if you need help sticking to a reading plan, you can even have helpful reminders and alerts sent to your phone daily.
  • Phil Wickham Hymn of Heaven Album – Phil is probably my favorite Christian artist of all-time and I’ve had this album on repeat for months now. Battle Belongs, His Name is Jesus, 1,000 Names, and Falling in Love are my faves, and I highly recommend giving this album a listen, if you haven’t already.
  • “Get Out of Your Head” Book– This book of encouragement was SO helpful to me last year and is a must-read if you struggle with negative thinking and self-limiting beliefs. And unlike a lot of self-help books out there, it gives you actionable tips and steps you can implement to re-train thought patterns and re-shift your mindset.
  • Mr. Ballen Youtube Channel – Last but certainly not least is my absolute favorite YouTube channel! It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of mysterious and suspenseful-type movies/stories, so this has been one of my absolute favorite guilty pleasures. My husband and I have actually binge-watched every single episode, and we’re obsessed. If you’re a fan of “the strange, dark, and mysterious delivered in story-format”, then definitely go check his channel out!

Hope you enjoyed today’s roundup of my 25 Favorite Products and Things I Loved in 2021! Have you tried/used any of these products or do you have any stand-out products/things you loved in 2021? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for stopping by! – Cara


  1. Such a good round up! I love my silk pillowcase, coffee grinder and milk frother. I want to get a fire pit this summer and maybe do some landscaping for a small patio for it. We have a screened in deck, but it would be nice to have somewhere else to hang out back there. Love Grow with Jo! Her, Heather Robertson and Mr and Mrs Muscle are my go-to channels for workouts.

    1. Thanks Nadine! You all would love this fire pit – I searched high and low and there were so many mixed reviews on so many on Amazon but this one was great. Also very easy to assemble (and I hate putting things together lol). And I love Grow with Jo and Heather Robertson but I’ll have to check out Mr. and Mrs. Muscle – never heard of them, but I bet they’re awesome!

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