6 Tips For Wearing Bold Lipstick + Rocking It

6 Tips for Wearing Bold Lipstick

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6 Tips for Wearing Bold Lipstick

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile or know me personally you’ll know that I absolutely LOVE wearing lipstick. Namely bright, bold lipsticks that really pop!

I’ve always been a fan of wearing lipstick because I truly feel it’s an amazing accessory you can add to any look, and it’s a way to really let your personality shine through.

But I completely understand that wearing bright lipstick is also something that so many women are afraid to wear or simply don’t know how to wear.

So today I’m sharing my best tips for wearing bold lipstick as well as some of my favorite lip products for creating the perfect bold lip!

6 Tips for Wearing Bold Lipstick

Hydration is Key

Great lips start from the inside, which is why it is SO important to stay hydrated. There’s a reason doctors and beauty experts are always preaching the importance of drinking water, and that’s because it has numerous health benefits. Not to mention your skin, lips, and body will thank you for it! Invest in a great tumbler like this one and start drinking more water.

In addition to drinking water on the regular, keeping your lips moisturized with a great lip balm or salve helps keep your lips full of life. This product has been my go-to for years and I almost always have one in my purse with me. I’m also a huge fan of these balms and keep one or the other beside my bed for applying to my lips nightly. I sometimes will even apply it twice daily in the winter months when the cold really does a number on my lips, and it works wonders.

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

I shared this tip a year ago in my 10 Beauty Hacks You Need to Know post and it’s my favorite thing to do to my lips before applying lipstick. Simply get a slightly dampened toothbrush and lightly exfoliate your lips back and forth. This is oh so helpful for keeping dead skin at bay and will help your lipstick glide on smoothly for a perfect pout.

If lip exfoliators are more your thing, this one by elf is only $3 and has great reviews from everyone I know that’s tried it!

Pick a Shade For You

One of my number one tips when it comes to wearing bold lipsticks is to make sure you are choosing a great shade for YOU. I see so many people buy a lipstick shade because their best friend wears it or their mom swears by it, but here’s the thing. We’re all different; we all have different skin tones, different eye colors, and so on and so forth. What works on Susie Q might not be the best shade choice for you, so don’t be afraid to get something different.

A general rule of thumb is to pick a lipstick shade that is 1-2 shades darker than your natural lip color, but don’t be afraid to try something out of your normal comfort zone.

6 Tips for Wearing Bold Lipstick

Start with Lip Liners and Liquid Lipsticks, Then Graduate to Lipsticks

I’m pretty sure if I could show you a photo of me attempting to apply a dark lipstick when I first started wearing makeup, it would look more like a 4 year old applied it. But seriously, regular lipstick can sometimes be tricky to apply depending on the shape of it, and it takes practice to learn how to put it on minus oopsies.

I always recommend for beginners to use a clear lip liner like this one (only $3!) to line the lips. Clear lip liners are also great because you can use them with any lipstick shade. Another tip is if you unfortunately haven’t yet mastered applying regular lipstick, I recommend using a liquid lipstick or lip crayon. Liquid lipsticks have wands that are a lot easier to apply and allow you better control with placing product on the lips.

On the higher end, I love love these liquid lippies by ABH or these long-lasting ones from Stila (Only $13.20 right now at Ulta). Drugstore beauty wise, I’m obsessed with these lip lingerie ones from NYX (Only $6.99) and these Revlon Matte lipsticks which are perfect when you’re looking for a great, non-drying, matte formula. (P.S. They’re BOGO 50% off at Ulta right now)

Once you’ve mastered the art of liquid lipsticks and lip liners, you can move up to regular lipsticks, where you can pretty much find every color under the sun (which is awesome)! My favorite drugstore lipsticks are hands-down Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks. There’s so many gorgeous shades and finishes to choose from and they’re almost always what I have on my lips. Runner-ups include Wet n’ Wild Mega Last Lipsticks (Only $2 at Target!) and NYX Matte Lipsticks (Less than $6!)

Q-tips & Concealer For the Win

So you accidently got some lipstick outside your natural shape? No worries. Any lipstick mishap can easily be fixed with a damp q-tip and a little concealer. Simply dampen a q-tip and lightly dab any excess product off of your face, being careful not to smear more product onto the face.

Next go in with a stiff angled liner brush like this one that’s been lightly dipped in concealer that matches your skin tone. Carefully go over any area where the lipstick bled on the face and let dry. Once dry, you can also add some translucent powder to keep everything in place.

Rock Bold Lipstick Like Nobody’s Business

Last but not least, the most important thing to remember when wearing a bold lip color is to have confidence!

Listen, I get it. Wearing a bold lipstick can be super intimidating at first and you’ll probably walk around for a little while thinking everyone is staring at you. (Which they’re probably just staring because you look so freaking gorgeous with that lipstick color on!)

But here’s the thing, as with anything in life if you love it, then rock it! It doesn’t matter whether or not someone else out there approves of your choice in blue lipstick or the fact that you love wearing grunge rocker t-shirts.

These are all guidelines to help you feel more comfortable with wearing bold lipstick colors, but ultimately wear whatever makes you feel the most beautiful and confident!

6 Tips for Wearing Bold Lipstick + The best lip products for creating the perfect bold lip!

What about you- do you love rocking a bold lip color? What’s your favorite shade/product to wear? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. Thank-you to everyone for your sweet comments on my 2-Year Blogiversary post and for those of you who took my reader survey! I truly appreciate all of your encouragement and feedback!

Thanks for stopping by!- Cara


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  4. I always love to wear dark lipstick and make me more beautiful. my husband likes when I wear Lipstick extreme from Shadia Elamin. Thanks for sharing this post and its all information is really helpful for Lipstick lover.

    1. Thank-you! Glad you enjoyed the post and so glad you’ve found a shade that makes you feel beautiful. That’s what a good lipstick is supposed to do! πŸ˜‰

  5. I am obsessed with bold lips! I have an electric purple shade from Medusa’s Makeup that I have been loving. Awesome post!

    1. Absolutely! I can remember the first time I filled in my brows I was so self-conscious and now it’s the exact opposite, I hate going anywhere without them filled in lol. It just takes time to get used to it. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Sierra! I can definitely see you wearing deep mauve and burgundy type shades! I always like wearing a shade around on the weekend to get a feel for it before wearing it out. It helps me grow more comfortable with it! πŸ™‚

  6. Love these tips! I used to wear bold lips all the time and I dunno why I stopped! Alsoooo that green! Do you wear it often?

    1. Thank-you! Haha I’ve only worn it once so far and that was for a Bride of Frankenstein halloween look, but it’s honestly so gorgeous I need to wear it more!

  7. I lovelovelove a bold lip and these tips are awesome! Exfoliation is so important when ya want to rock a bold lip!

  8. Exfoliating is SO huge! I’m a LipSense lady 100% and it’s exfoliation process is awesome, especially followed up with a sugar scrub. They’ve been coming out with more bold colors and my heart is so happy!

  9. These are such great tips! I’ve always been iffy about going really bold with lip colors, but it’s perfect this time of year and I love your tips!!

  10. I am obsessed with the NYX Lingerie myself! I actually just picked up one over the weekend, and LOVE IT! I was not expecting it to last as long as it does. I picked up the Cabaret Show, and it is perfect for fall/winter! Which one is your favorite?

    1. NYX has the prettiest shades! Embellishment is probably my current favorite in the NYX lingerie line! πŸ™‚

  11. I am drawn to bold deep lip colors like purples and blackish. Not everyone likes it though, including my husband. But I still wear it.
    πŸ™‚ gwingal

    1. Haha same here. My husband prefers I not wear makeup at all, but us girls gotta feel pretty right lol?! πŸ˜‰

  12. love this~ I definitely need to step up my exfoliation and hydrating regimen for my lips! they are always so cracked and dry! thank you <3

  13. Great tips. I sometimes like to God old – but you are absolutely right that you have to know what shade to get. I’m really fair skinned so I for me… a medium shade actually pops more for me than my sister who has more tannish skin.

    1. Thanks! I think it’s important to look at the lipstick and swatch it before you buy it too, because sometimes the packaging looks completely different from the real shade.

  14. Love these tips! I love wearing bold lips in the winter months and especially during the holidays! Exfoliating is KEY for me and concealer is def my best friend for any mistakes!

    1. Thanks! Even as long as I’ve been applying makeup I still have “oopsies” at times and concealer always works wonders. lol

    1. Girl you should definitely rock a bold lip! With your hair color and skin tone, I can see a lot of different shades looking beautiful on you! πŸ™‚

  15. I’m obsessed with these colors and that NYX purply color is so fun!! I honestly didn’t even know about clear lip liners lol, so I’m so happy you mentioned that! Saving this for later because I love lipsticks, but I’m never quite brave enough. This will help when I buy my next bold color. πŸ™‚

    1. So glad you found it helpful! That NYX purple shade is one of my favorites, although I don’t get to wear it out very much haha.

  16. These are some great tips! I normally gravitate towards nudes and neutral colors but every now and then I like to rock a dark brown or wine lip.

  17. Oh this is so helpful. I hardly ever exfoliate my lips but I need to. It would probably make a world of a difference on my dry lips. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Great tips! So funny I have this same exact post title in my drafts from last year…just haven’t written it yet! Love all of your tips, and yes to exfoliating, game changer!

  19. These all are such fantastic tips! I need to be better about hydrating my lips since they get so dry this time of year – I love darker colors, but nobody likes them with chapped lips! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank-you! I always like trying out new shades at home on the weekend and wearing them for awhile to really get a feel for them. It helps me get more comfortable in wearing different shades! πŸ™‚

  20. I love bold lips! Especially now that it’s winter and dark shades are back in style.

    I love liquid lipsticks but it’s hard to find ones that don’t completely dry out your lips – which is the last thing you need when it’s cold outside.

    1. I totally agree! Some liquid lipsticks can be so drying, which is why I try to find ones that have a lighter formula. πŸ™‚

  21. I love you this much because I never really know if I can really pull off a bold lip color! You rock them and I seriously love the advice. I hope you have a marvelous Monday beautiful girl

    1. Thanks so much! You totally can wear bold lip colors too! I think reds and bright pinks are your thing! πŸ™‚

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