How to Create the Most Beautiful Photo Christmas Cards This Year

How to Create the Most Beautiful Photo Christmas Cards This Year

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Happy Wednesday loves! I’ve teamed up with Basic Invite today to teach you how to create the most beautiful photo christmas cards this year that all of your family and friends will just adore and cherish!

Keep reading to learn how you can create your very own photo christmas cards that you’ll be delighted to share this year!

How to Create the Most Beautiful Photo Christmas Cards This Year

While there’s so many wonderful things about this time of year, one of my favorite traditions that I always look forward to every holiday season is creating beautiful christmas cards to send out to my family and friends.

With families so spread out nowadays, Christmas cards are a great way to keep in touch and they allow you to let family and friends know that you’re thinking of them during this oh so magical time of year. I know I always feel like a kid again when I receive Christmas cards in the mail, so I love spreading that same cheery feeling to others!

Choose Your Photo First

I’ve found over the years that choosing what photo I want to use for my Christmas cards makes the entire selection process so much easier. There’s nothing worse than choosing a gorgeous Christmas card only to be disappointed to find out that you have no pictures that fit quite right with the theme.

Since we recently had our photos professionally made, it wasn’t too difficult to decide on which photos to use this year, but typically I like choosing 3-5 favorites and narrowing down from there.

This might go without saying, but I also recommend making sure whatever photos you select are high quality. Blurry photos will look even more blurry once printed, so take your time in choosing a photo that will look great on your card!

Decide On Photo Amount

This tip goes simultaneously with the one above, but now is the time to decide whether or not you want to use only a single image or if you want to showcase several photos on your card.

I definitely always struggle with choosing “just one”, so I always like to pick a great family shot and then include some cute snaps of my boys. This decision will also help narrow down the process in my next tip below.

How to Create the Most Beautiful Photo Christmas Cards This Year

Select a Card That Fits With Your Family’s Personality

Once you’ve decided on what photo(s) you want to use, now is the fun part of choosing your favorite card over at Basic Invite. Basic Invite currently has over 400 beautiful Christmas card and holiday card designs to choose from on their website, which allows for endless possibilities. Head here to check out their full selection of cards!


Whether you are looking for festive, cheerful Christmas cards or holiday cards that celebrate the new year, there’s so many gorgeous designs with almost unlimited colors. You can easily narrow down your search by event, theme, size, and fold and as mentioned above, you can also narrow your search with the number of photos listed under theme.

I recommend choosing a card that really allows your family’s personality to shine through and don’t be afraid to have fun with it! I’ve seen lots of adorable non-traditional Christmas cards out there with families decked out in fun holiday themed PJ’s and they are perfect for creating lasting memories.

How to Create the Most Beautiful Photo Christmas Cards This Year

Our photos were bright, colorful, and more traditional this year, so I wanted a style that was more simplistic but still had a sweet message that represents our family well.

How to Create the Most Beautiful Photo Christmas Cards This Year

For our cards this year, I ended up selecting the Snowflake Soiree Foil Holiday Card and the Joyful Cheer Photo Holiday Card. Life is good and we’re so blessed, happy, and grateful to be together as a family again, so “Joyful” was the perfect sentiment to include on our card.

Customize For You

Once you find the perfect card, customizing is super easy and instant preview is my absolute favorite feature. Basic Invite takes out all the guesswork and shows you exactly what your card will look like with every customization you make.

From changing colors, tweaking the shape of the card, and personalizing the text, there’s absolutely no hidden surprises, which is awesome! Both the front and back of your card can be fully customized with personalized text and message, and you can even add additional photos if desired.

How to Create the Most Beautiful Photo Christmas Cards This Year

I was able to fully customize the colors on my cards to fit with my photos color scheme and I loved incorporating red and gold to give it that perfect festive touch. I also really love how the gold foil looked!

You can also choose from over 40 different colors of peel and seal envelopes which can be customized with gorgeous gold, silver, or rose gold foil.

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Oh and did I mention Basic Invite offers an amazing address capturing service? (No more calling Mom and bugging her for everyone’s address!- or is that just me?) By simply sharing a link on your choice of social platform, all of your family and friends can give you their address to be stored in your customer account for easy ordering.

Recipient address printing is completely free and take it from someone who used to write out every address by hand- this saves so much time!

Order Early to Avoid Delays

Last but not least, I recommend ordering your cards as early as possible in order to avoid delays. Holiday mailing can sometimes be a nightmare, so ordering your Christmas cards in late November/early December will ensure your cards get to your recipients on time.

How to Create the Most Beautiful Photo Christmas Cards This Year

In case you still haven’t ordered yours, now’s the perfect time to order! Basic Invite is actually having an amazing 30% off deal on all of their holiday cards with the coupon code holi30, so head here to check out all of their gorgeous styles and customize your own!

Hope you enjoyed today’s post on how to create the most beautiful Christmas photo cards this year! Be sure and head here to check out Basic Invite’s full holiday card collection and share this post with a friend who’d love it!

Are you a fan of photo Christmas cards? Do you love sending them out every year? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by! – Cara

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  2. OK GIRL your pics are literally GORGEOUS. I still need to make our cards…your tips are SO helpful!

  3. What beautiful holiday cards! I wish I could make Christmas cards, but I am quite isolated and I think it would be odd to send out pictures of just me. Lol! Maybe one day I’ll have a beautiful family like yours. πŸ™‚

  4. I LOVE your Christmas cards!! I love that this tradition lives on. I wanted to be first, so I sent ours out the day after Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank-you! There’s a lot of people who don’t even do Christmas Cards anymore which I think is sad. I’ll definitely keep carrying on the tradition! πŸ˜‰

  5. I just love your Christmas cards! Chris and I are going to shoot our Christmas card photos in the next week so that we can order ours!!

  6. Your Christmas Card came out beautiful! I made Christmas cards and sent them out one year but I don’t normally do it. I probably will once I have kids.

  7. Such great tips! Your cards are beautiful and so is your family. This is really a great reminder for me to get working on our cards since it’s almost December. I’ve used Basic Invite before, and love them!

  8. Love the post and love the pictures. I especially love the picture of the boys looking at each other with their hands in their pockets. Little buddies.
    Great Info!

    1. Thank-you! Aw you all could definitely create a cute one this year for your sweet bundle that’s on the way! πŸ™‚

  9. I’ve been looking into creating Christmas cards this year. I wish I would have had time to get some done professionally but life had other plans. Basic Invite was on the top of my list as far as where to create some. Your cards came out beautiful girl!!!

    1. Thank-you! They have so many beautiful options to choose from! One of these days I think we’re gonna try the fun pajama photo! haha

  10. AW I love this Cara! I literally just made mine a week ago so I’m sad I didn’t see this post until now but next year!!

  11. Sending and receiving Christmas cards is my favorite part of the season! We just ordered ours and I can’t wait for them to get here so I can start sending them out!

  12. Your cards turned out so well!! I love all the pictures you chose. I need to get mine done this week! I know some people get annoyed doing holiday cards, but I kind of love it. It is nice to get mail that isn’t a bill or junk.

  13. These turned out so cute! How awesome that Basic Invite has so many options + great tip about picking out your photos first; I always get caught up in that.

  14. Your cards turned out so cute! I used Shutterfly this year, but I’ll definitely keeps this site in mind for next year’s cards!

  15. These are beautiful! I need to hustle and get our mantel decorated so we can shoot our Christmas photo. AH! I have to do that, like today, haha. I need to order cards asap!

  16. I always order my cards early even if I don’t send them out right away. You have the most beautiful family my friend! Have a wonderful Wednesday.

    1. Thanks so much! I just love receiving Christmas cards in the mail! (It beats bills and junk mail any day! lol)

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