Spring 2017 Obsessions at Target

Spring Obsessions at Target- Shop my fave picks!

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Spring 2017 Obsessions at Target

Happy Monday! As you all know, I’m pretty obsessed with Target (I mean who isn’t?) so today I thought it’d be fun to share some of my current obsessions for Spring! Target has so many cute items out right now and I can’t help but obsess over all the bright colors and pretty florals. I’ve included the links to all the items in this post, so feel free to shop away if you see something you love. Wishing everyone an amazing short week ahead!

Bright and Cheery Home Decor- Spring Obsessions at Target

We could all use a little more bright and cheery items in our life, right? I’m loving the “This is my Happy Place” Wall art, and think it would be the perfect addition to the gallery wall art I’m starting. Also, I’ve recently gained an obsession with all of the cute pineapple decor items in stores these days, but I struggle to find a reason to actually purchase them. Well, these cute book ends, solved that problem. Both adorable and useful! I also can’t pass up mentioning how beautiful both this floral pillow and inspirational pillow are, and the forsythia wreath adds the perfect pop of yellow color for any door.

Step Out in Comfort- Spring Obsessions at Target

So remember how I mentioned in my Must-Have Shoes for Spring Post that wedges and the mule style were both trending this season? Well this adorable pair has both styles in one which = a total win-win! Another pair that really caught my eye was this bright colored, pointed-toe flats. I’m thinking these would be so cute paired with a casual dress or skirt! And if I’m sharing cute shoes, I can’t not share a pair of sandals that features glitter– they’re so adorable!

Dream Big, Plan for Fun- Spring Obsessions at Target

I’m such a sucker for cute notebooks, journals, and calendars, especially if it has flowers or gold on it. I especially love this live in the moment calendar. Also, I really want this monthly clipboard calendar for my office wall. So cute!

Accessorize in Style- Spring Obsessions at Target

Last on my spring obsessions list is accessories, which is an area in Target’s store I can never pass up! This clutch featuring a bold, pop of pink color is perfect for spring! I also love this floral wallet that’d look great with any solid colored purse. Now that the warm weather is here, a cute hat is a must and this one has an adorable bow detail and pink around the rim for that girly touch! I also can’t forget the nails, so I chose two beautiful colors from Essie, including resort romanza and sequin stash. Lastly, these ombre tassle earrings and flower studs from the new Sugar Fix collection are so pretty!

So I have to ask– what are you most obsessing over this spring? Are you in love with all the bright colors and florals? Also, am I the only one who can’t get enough of Pineapple decor?! Let me know in the comments!

Hope you enjoyed today’s post and here’s some extra saving offers for your shopping! –> Target Shoes for the whole family BOGO 50% off and Spend $50, Save $10 on all Clothing & Accessories (Including Swimwear), by using the promo code STYLE 10 (Valid 04/09-04/15).

Happy Shopping!

Thanks for stopping by!- Cara


  1. Those wedges are calling my name! Currently, I am obsessed with my keds, because they match almost everything in my wardrobe and are perfect for the days I commute for school. In my home, I am loving all things green! I have been looking for new plants (fake & real) to make my home feel more airy.

  2. LOVE your style! That wreath would be gorgeous in my home. And I love the shoes you picked out. I am also obsessed with anything pineapple and my guest bedroom is all done in a pineapple theme so Loving the bookends as well. So many cute things at Target. Not just now, but ALWAYS! Lol…

  3. I’m loving all these home decor pieces, they are the cutest!! I’ve been avoiding the home section every time I’ve gone in there recently, thanks for showing me what I’ve been missing ; )

    Meaghan xx

  4. Target…where I run in to pick up just ONE thing, and end up walking out with $100 worth of things I didn’t even know I NEEDED! This is a great list of items. I especially love the the cute hat!

  5. I literally just got home from Target! I wish I would have read this post sooner — I would have picked up so many more things ha ha. Some days I feel like I should just hand my entire paycheck over to Target. Thanks for sharing these β™₯

  6. Target has such fun things! Seriously, those pineapple bookends! My department at work recently moved to a different location (I used to be practically next door to Target) and now I actually have to plan my trips to Target and I’m not sure how I feel about that ?

  7. I think I missed something this year. Do you know why the pineapple is trendy? You see them everywhere! Growing up we had pineapple napkin holders and salt/pepper shakers.

  8. I love the wedges and pillowed you have on this list! These are all awesome picks for spring, Cara! I’ll definitely be taking a trip to Target soon!

  9. So many cute Target finds! I went there today for one thing and walked out with a cartful of goodies. I feel like this always happens!!

  10. Target is my faaaavorite- so dangerous πŸ˜‰ those pink flats are the cutest and I always love their pillows. I have a thing lately for bicycles- may need to grab that one!

  11. I am obsessed with the Dollar Spot at Target…I probably buy something from there every time I visit Target. I actually got a This Is My Happy Place sign at the Dollar Spot:)

  12. All this spring decor has me SO excited to start getting outside again and enjoying life on the patio πŸ™‚ Thanks for putting this inspo together! Cheers, Mary Jane

  13. I’ve been obsessed with all the shoes at Target lately! So many fun styles to chose from. I can’t turn down anything with a pineapple on it, I’ll make a mental note to stay away from those bookends haha.

  14. Target has the CUTEST stuff! I love their maxi dresses for the summer and their wedges are AWESOME! I need to check out the new Bauble Bar SugarFix line! I looked and it’s not at my local Target yet but it is online!

  15. Love your picks! That wreath would be perfect for my office. It would definitely help brighten up the place.

  16. Oh man this post makes me want just about everything in it!! I am loving those wedges and may have to order them…they are just perfect for warmer temps and look absolutely comfy!

  17. Target is seriously killing it with their shoes this year! There are so many pairs I want! Plus they are BOGO this week which is awesome!

  18. I love Target so much (my bank account not so much). My absolute favorite item you shared was the This is my happy place sign…I need that πŸ™‚

  19. those pink pointy toe flats are to DIE for. As well as tassel earrings. I love tassel earrings because they make my face look thinner πŸ˜‰
    i try and stay away from target at this time because everything is SO CUTE. buuuuuut i think i might have to reconsider after you shared this list. LOL

  20. Target is the absolute best! You have found the sweetest little spring finds and I am rushing there today to get those pineapple bookends and adorable bicycle pillows. I don’t know what it is but I am crazy about bicycle pillows, ha ha! I hope you have the most wonderful Monday!

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