How to Transition Your Makeup Routine For Spring

How to Transition Your Makeup Routine for Spring

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How to Transition Your Makeup Routine for Spring

Can we all just stop for a minute and rejoice over the fact that spring is officially here?! The gorgeous weather, the budding flowers, and lighter layers all make it one of my favorite seasons, but while we might always update our spring wardrobe, we often forget that our makeup routine needs a little revamping as well. That’s why today I’m sharing with you my most helpful tips on how to transition your makeup products from winter to spring, and my favorite inexpensive beauty products at the moment to add to your collection.

Add Some Color to the Eyes

While dark shades like brown and navy are beautiful for the fall and winter months, spring is the perfect time to add in pops of color to your makeup routine. In lieu of a dark smokey eye, try wearing lighter shades and incorporating pretty pastels like pinks, purples, blues, and greens. Not comfortable wearing color on the lid? Try adding a bit of color to the lower lash line or inner tear duct. It’s an easy, subtle way to brighten up the eyes while incorporating fun colors.



Brighten the Cheeks and Lips

As mentioned above, it’s time to trade in deep colors like red, berry, and mauve for something lighter and brighter like pink, fuchsia, and coral on the lips. Even if you don’t necessarily like wearing a bold lip, a light pink or nude are the perfect go-to lip shades for spring. Second, get rid of the dark blushes and go lighter with a pale pink or peach tone to really brighten up the face.



Choose a Lighter Foundation

With the warmer weather upon us, it’s time to trade in heavy, full coverage foundations for something a little lighter like BB creams and tinted moisturizers. Less is definitely more and I always love letting my natural skin shine through in the spring and summer months. Don’t forget to add SPF to your beauty routine, for protection when out enjoying the beautiful weather!



Get Glowy

I may be fair skinned, but even I like to add a little glow to my skin once I start wearing dresses, skirts, and short sleeves. Finding a good bronzer and highlight to add a soft glow to the cheeks is a must and will really help your skin look beautiful. Bronzer can be dusted on the cheekbones, brow temples, and even on the collar bone to add in a nice, natural-looking glow. For even more color, I love using Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer on my legs and arms.


Have you transitioned your makeup routine yet? What are your favorite colors to rock in your makeup looks for spring? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by!- Cara

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  4. Brighter eyes are definitely a must for spring! I love playing with brighter purples this time of year.

  5. Loved this post, Cara! We are definitely on the same page as I published my own recommendations for spring makeup last week or so πŸ™‚ I couldn’t agree more with adding a bit more colour to the eyes & lips. And glow… YES to that, girl πŸ˜€
    xox Nadia

  6. These are great tips (and products) and you’ve reminded me to switch up my makeup bag. I love a natural glow for spring. πŸ™‚

  7. These are all great tips! I needed to buy new blush a couple weeks ago and just happened to pick a different shade and brand than usual. I wasn’t sure about it at first but after a few weeks, I really like it because I do think it brightens my face a bit more in the perfect spring way!

    1. Oh yay! So glad to hear you stepped out a little and ended up loving a brighter shade! I bet it looks so pretty!

  8. This post was helpful, thank you. I had a lengthy sinus infection recently, and I’ve just been shading in my eyebrows a bit.

  9. I’m ready for glowy looks with bright lip colors. I need to try a new BB Cream though because I used the Maybelline Dream BB Cream and I didn’t like it as much as I wanted to.

    1. Oh I haven’t tried that one, but to be honest I haven’t used Maybelline face products in years. I just haven’t had any luck with them when it comes to face makeup. I love my Rimmel BB creams! πŸ™‚

  10. I realized that I wear the same type of makeup throughout the year. My fave lippies are brights such as red, pink, purple, green and blue.

  11. Lovely selection here. The only make-up change I do is change my eyeshadow from dark to more pastel colours. (Does that make sense?).
    Very nice tips. xx

  12. I’m always so bad at seasonal makeup! I just wear whatever I fancy that day. haha. Except for lips. Those I definitely follow the seasonal rules. Hot pinks all spring long please!! πŸ˜‰

  13. Great tips!!! Bright colors are always fun to experiment with in the Spring/Summer. I just purchased the It! Cosmetics BB cream to try out for the warmer months. I also just purchased some St. Tropez sunless tanner to get that glow going.

  14. I’ve been busting out the fake tanning products and gosh does it make me feel better. Once you start wearing more skirts and dresses you think, “Oh my gosh I’m too pale!” Haha or maybe that’s just me. Loved these tips, Cara!

  15. I LOVE when the weather gets warmer and my skin gets tanner (not too tan! sunscreen is your friend) so I can wear less makeup. And the lip colors in spring are always the best! Trading those darker vixen type colors for hot pinks and corals is the best.

  16. These tips are really great! I almost bought another palette of eye shadow today that was all neutrals. I tend to gravitate towards the same colors and overall look. I need to branch out. I think I will go back and get a palette that has some more color!

  17. I definitely need to brighten my blush and lipsticks! I’ve been more attacted to the pretty pinks lately.

    1. I love pinks year round, but I like the brighter shades in the spring and summer! It’s fun to play around with color! πŸ™‚

  18. I love to get glowy. It’s what makes a spring face to me.
    & I’m ready for some pink blush instead of my darker browns. BRING ON THE COLOR

  19. These are some great tips! I wear more peaches and pinks in the Spring and use more coral/orange lip colors.

    1. I wore a coral lipstick this past weekend and it made me so happy haha. I get bored with the same neutral shades lol.

  20. Happy Monday girl! Getting ready to head to the airport but checking in first with my faves. Love your Spring beauty tips! You make me want to go out and buy some pinks and peaches! Have a great start to your week!! xoxo

  21. I need to get some self tanner ASAP. I am pasty pasty pasty this year. More so than usual since I avoided the outside most of last year…too afraid to get bit by a mosquito lol. I love adding some eye colors right now and all the pretty bright pink lipsticks make their comeback on the daily!

    1. Lol, I can relate. I’ve learned to embrace my paleness over the years haha. It will be nice to get outdoors more now that it’s warmer though! πŸ™‚

  22. I got a little color this weekend so it’s almost time to transition! Ready for a little glow and pretty colors!

    1. That’s awesome Helen! We’re still in the in-between stage here in VA, but I’m excited nonetheless!

  23. I love adding color to my eyes and lips once spring rolls around! For lighter coverage foundations, my go to has been It Cosmetics CC cream, love that stuff!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lilyο»Ώ

    1. I agree! I feel like they seriously just brighten the entire face, and they’re so pretty!

  24. I never realized that I had to transition my makeup until I saw that some items started working better than others with the warm weather. I’m excited to wear more bright colors also!

  25. Maybe I might try being a bit brighter on my eyes – as a lover of neutrals and not a fan of color, it’ll be hard! I tend to stick to nudes/blushes all year round!

    1. Maybe try using colored eyeliners or try my tip of putting color on the inner corner. It’s a way to add color, but it’s not super over the top! πŸ™‚

  26. I love these tips! It definitely makes sense to switch your foundation and have something with a little less coverage. My skin needs a glow to it soo bad! Our weather is still iffy so actually getting some warmer sun on me hasn’t happened yet. Beautifully Candid

    1. Thanks Sierra! Our weather is still iffy too. It’s so back and forth right now- one day it’s sunny and 75 and the next it’s rainy and a high of 45. I’m ready for spring lol!

  27. This is always something I question when to do. When is the proper time to transition? I usually have to wait until my ultra pale skin gets a little tan before i look better in brighter colors lol

    1. I usually wait until the warmer weather hits and I’ve changed out my wardrobe to match! πŸ™‚ And no shame girl, I’m pretty much always pale! lol

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