May Confessions

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Happy Wednesday Ya’ll! So glad we’ve made it this far along in the week, and I’m so ready for the weekend! We’re having my son’s birthday party Saturday, and both my husband and I have Friday off and are planning something fun for both our boys. It will be nice to have a few days off from work and enjoy some family time with the kiddos! 🙂

On to this month’s confessions!

Food Confessions:

M&M's funny

  • Peanut Butter M&M’s are my weakness. I don’t buy them often because a. they’re $4 a bag which is way too much for a cheapskate like me, and b. I devour them within just a few days, which I know is totally not healthy. But let’s be real, you can’t eat just one…
  • Hands down, I would choose drinking a Coca-Cola over any type of alcoholic beverage. I’m just not a big drinker and if I’m going to waste calories, might as well drink something I enjoy.

Shopping Confessions:

shopping meme

  • I am so bad for going to a website, filling up my cart with a ton of items, then telling myself, “I’ll come back later and finish the purchase”, and then I never do. #indecisiveshopperproblems.
  • I’m also the person who goes through the store, picks out items and then when I don’t find the one item I initially came into the store for, I put everything back on the shelf/rack. I’m sure people who work retail love me. (Sorry!)

Random Confessions:

folding laundry humor

  • If I could pay someone to fold and put away my laundry, I totally would. I’ve got the washing and drying down pat (thank-you technology), but putting it away is the worst. Plus my husband has the mentality of “Why put it away, we’ll just wear it again.”
  • I freak out every time I’m driving down the road and I see birds in the road. Not only do I initially get panic stricken when I think I’m going to hit them because they don’t move until the very last nano second, but then they of course fly in the direction of my windshield so they give me a nice little second scare of thinking they are going to peck through my windows. I hate birds, seriously. Please tell me others have this problem and they don’t just secretly all hate me…LOL

Pet Peeve of the Week:

It Works Humor

I hope I don’t offend anyone on here who is part of direct sales, but the It Works people seriously drive me batty. Stop sending me messages on Facebook and adding me to groups every day asking me to buy your products or to become a rep. I literally probably get at least 10-20 follows on Insta daily from people who sell it. Stop following me, unfollowing me, then re-following me to see if I’m interested again. I promise, if I ever was/am interested I’ll let you know, but in the mean time, just stop. Seriously.


righty tight left loosey





A little grumpy cat always cheers me up! 😉 Can you relate to any of these? Let me know in the comments!

Have a great day!- Cara

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