Life Lately in Photos- Spring Edition

Hey everyone! Hope each and every one of you had an amazing Easter weekend! Ours was all kinds of busy, but we were able to enjoy a nice Easter dinner yesterday with family and the boys had a blast hunting eggs in the yard. It’s been awhile since I’ve did a life update post, so I thought today I’d share what’s been happening in my world lately.

Life Lately in Photos- Spring Edition

First things first, my little cutie pie turned 5 back in February! I cannot fathom how he is already 5 years old and will be starting kindergarten soon. Ahh, time slow down please!

Anyways, we threw him a special Mickey Mouse themed party at our house with family and here’s a shot of the homemade birthday cake I created for him. I tried out a new whipped buttercream recipe, and it was so light and delicious! Here is where I found the recipe.

Shortly after that we had a little incident with a puppy bite to the ear where little man had to be rushed to the ER for stitches. I know he had to have been in a lot of pain, but it warmed my heart so much the following night when I went in to check on him and him and his brother were laying like this. They’re best buds and it’s the sweetest.

I also recently chopped my hair off and although there are days where I miss my long locks, it’s so much easier to style and manage. I have the thickest hair known to man, so I’m happy to have cut down the “get-ready” time in the mornings a little bit. Also, I like that it’s an inverted bob which makes me feel super sassy!

As I shared in this post over here, I shared my 8 year anniversary with my husband on March 6th! I rarely ever get any photos with him (he’s not a picture fan), but I’m forcing asking him very nicely to take some professional photos with me soon!

We never really had the fairy tale photography when we first got married, so I’d really like to get some nice portraits made together. I bought a cute little white dress and everything, so he’s definitely following through now! πŸ˜‰

Other than that, we’ve simply been enjoying the warmer days outside and I’ve loved seeing all the beautiful flowers pop up around the yard! The kids of course love when the warm months hit because they’re all about bouncing on the trampoline 24/7. Which I can’t really lie, I’m actually a huge fan too- haha!

Oh yeah, remember Brady our miniature goldendoodle? Well let’s just say he’s not so much a little puppy anymore. This was taken just the other day for his 6 month photo! 

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That about covers what’s been happening in my world lately. What have you been up to? Who’s planning a vacation already?  Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by! -Cara


  1. OMG I can’t believe how big your puppy is getting!! He’s ADORABLE! Glad you’re doing pictures with your hubby. You will treasure those forever.

  2. You have adorable kiddos. I definitely agree – you should get some nice pics with your husband. You’ll look back and treasure them. This is something I need to do as well!

  3. Happy birthday to your little guy! I hope he had an amazing birthday party — I love the Mickey Mouse theme! Also, your hair looks amazing. I just chopped about ten inches off of mine and I feel so much better. My hair looks and feels so much healthier! I hope your little guy’s ear feels better, ouch!

  4. You look amazing in your new hair style. Your boys are so adorable. The bond they have together is one that a lot of people long for.

  5. I love these posts! That cake is too cute! My niece is obsessed with Mickey and Minnie Mouse! Your hair is gorgeous! I love that you took a leap of faith and went shorter! To be honest, I imagine anything you do to your hair will look great on you. πŸ™‚

  6. Glad you had a nice Easter. Aww your boys sleeping together melts my heart. I love seeing brothers together. I’m sorry about his ear though. Your hair looks great and I love that you and your hubby will be taking some pics together! Beautifully Candid

  7. Loved getting a chance to catch up on a few posts that I’ve missed over the last few weeks! ❀☺

  8. Happy Monday! I love your new haircut! I felt the same way when I had an inverted bob…sassy and a little edgy. πŸ™‚ I’m growing my hair out a little bit now so that I can braid it throughout the summer, but it was so much easier when it was a little shorter.

  9. You’re hair looks great! Also sorry to hear about your baby getting stitches. I hope he is doing better and loved that Mickey Mouse cake!

  10. Cara, your hair is so adorable. I love the length and it’s perfect for Spring and Summer. Also, the boys are so cute and they’re getting so BIG.

  11. I LOVE your new hair! It’s so gorgeous girl! And so sorry to hear about the puppy bite incident. I had a similar incident happen to me and my arm last week and it suck. It’s super cute seeing the boys snuggling though! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  12. Your boys are so freaking adorable. My puppy bit me my oldest when he was a 12 months old but it wasn’t so bad. Sucks when your own puppy does it.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, he tries to avoid them at all cost so we’ve never had any professionally made, but after being together for a decade I’m determined we will have some made now! lol

  13. Brady is just the cutest! I wanna go snuggle him! He looks like a cuddly teddy bear!!! Sorry to hear about little man’s ear!!! My nephew was attacked by a dog last year and had to have plastic surgery to correct the area, so I know how scary that is. I hope that he is feeling better!!! The Mickey cake turned out so cute!!!

  14. OHHH MY GOSHHHH… your fur baby. I want! SO fuzzy!

    Men just seem to have that same attitude about pictures, but I always try to remind my clients that the people who love them – their spouse, their children, their siblings – they WANT to have those memories of time captured of them.So do it for others. It makes a world of difference. Glad he’s going to do the session with you.

    & I love your hair. Looks so perfect for the spring season.

  15. Happy Monday beautiful girl! I loved catching up with you via your wonderful spring time pictures! You all are so adorable and I’m glad you had a lovely Easter!

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